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When people come back from a night of Mardi Gras in Alabama you can bet that when they walk into the bars and restaurants, they are very happy to experience some nice air conditioning brought to them by their local HVAC tech. Without the HVAC guys of the South, every night could be a wet, sticky night inside in Alabama, when the humidity is high and it stays warm quite a bit of the year. It is very fitting that Alabama is the only state in the United States that was able to have all the natural resources available that were needed to make iron. With these natural resources, Alabama has been a producer of iron and steel pipes, tubes and plates since the very beginning. We are still are the largest producers of these products in the United States that are found frequently throughout an HVAC system.

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Because of the very strong weather in Alabama, the intense heat, and the very high humidity, there’s an enormous need for air conditioning and refrigeration systems in Alabama. This is where the HVAC guys can have a very strong position and a very strong profession. No wonder Alabama HVAC techs salaries can go as high as $56,000 annually.

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When I was growing up, I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to go to college or not.

When I look back on it, I can see how if I’d stayed in the manual trade game from the beginning I’d be a lot wealthier now and a lot less in debt. The Alabama HVAC schools give the youth of the state an opportunity to start a career at much less ┬áthe cost of a 4 year education.

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Getting an HVAC education early on in Alabama provides as much opportunity as you can create from the thousands and thousands of businesses and residents that strongly depend on having a powerful HVAC system. These systems, under your care, wick Alabama moisture out of the air all year round and for those few cooler months keep it warm enough for the family to stay snug by the fireside.

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